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Below are a few frequently asked questions.

Please get in touch to discuss any aspect of your care or just ask a question!

Happy to have a no obligation chat about how I may be able to assist you

  • How can I book an appointment?
    Please send me a text or email via the details on this site. As my Private Clinic is not my main work, I will try and find a suitable date and time as soon as possible.
  • What does a Physiotherapy appointment involve?
    At the initial appointment, a full discussion about your symptoms and recovery aims will take place as well as a physical examination. Removal of any of your clothing will be kept to a minimum to preserve dignity but may be necessary as part of the examination. It is worth wearing loose clothing or sportswear to help with this. The appointment will usually include treatment and a rehabilitation plan/exercises.
  • Do I need a Steroid/Cortisone Injection?
    Steroid injections (sometimes called Cortisone) are used to reduce inflammation in a painful area, such as a knee or shoulder joint. Before considering an injection, you will have a full assessment and discussion about the pros' and con's of the injection. There are always several ways of managing any condition and injections aren't essential. You will only receive an injection if it is safe to do so and have been checked for any concerns that may be present. As a prescriber, I am able to obtain the medication for injection and am very experienced in injection therapy. If you have any questions about injections, please don't hesitate to ask.
  • What is Ostenil (Hyaluronic Acid)?
    Ostenil is the brand name for Hyaluronic acid (HA) which is a naturally occuring substance in joints. When inflammation is present in a joint, your HA levels may be low. An injection of HA is an alternative to Steroid injection. The HA injection is a synthetically produced substance that stimulates your own body to produce more HA in the future - which is why the HA injections usually last longer than a Steroid injection.
  • Which is better - Steroid or Ostenil injection?
    This depends on your painful joint and your past medical history. Steroid usually works well when you are in a lot of pain. It works within about 24 hours and the drug stays in your body for around 3 weeks. The plus side is that it has a strong anti-inflammatory effect so can reduce pain quickly. The down side is that the Steroid has some unwelcome side effects, such as reducing your immune system a bit as well as weakening tendons temporarily. Other side effects include skin depigmentation (pale patch on your skin) or a post injection flare (a period of increased pain for 24 hours). HA has no known side effects. If works well for joint inflammation. It takes a little longer to have an effect (sometimes 3-5 days) but usually lasts longer. It has a better effect on less severe joint pain. HA costs a lot more to produce than Steroid, which is why it is not routinely offered on the NHS but both can be very effective treatments. Please ask any questions related to injections (or anything else) if you need any further information
  • Can I pay by card?
    Yes - Card machine payment is available
  • Can I get a receipt for the appointment?
    Yes - a receipt can be given upon request
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